Marketing Management

Guiding and advising your marketing team through the day-to-day marketing activities including any associated processes and operations. Through competence and expertise, we can develop your marketing system, improve your team’s performance, and achieve the most returns out of your business’s capacity.

Market Research

Market Research is a critical pre-launching phase for any projects whether they offer a service or a commodity. We can help you with conducting your market research for your project, through market research you can learn about your market size and its development status, and absorptive capacity. In addition to understanding your consumer purchasing power, buying behavior, and requirements, also, you can learn about your competition and competitors, and seizing any opportunities to form a union. Our market research team is dedicated to conducting market studies, collecting primary and secondary data, analyzing and extracting final reports with feasible strategies for your project to penetrating the market through data-driven decisions and reaping the desired results.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy refers to a business’ overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of the products or services the business provides. A marketing strategy contains the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements.

1.     SWOT Analysis

  1. Marketing Strategic Objectives
  2. Marketing Team & Budget
  3. Digital & Traditional Marketing Levers to reach our Strategic Objectives

5.     Products, Prices & Channels of Distribution

6.     Marketing Plan

7.     Dashboards to Track & Manage Progress

Support services for startups and small businesses

In this service, Neon offers the role of big brother to startups and small companies. Where Neon goes with the owner of the company or startup step by step, starting from developing the idea of the project to fit the market and its data, passing through the study of the market and competitors, to the implementation plan, including logistics, marketing, human resources, finance, and even investment and moving to support the project through serious investors to participate in a professional and effective manner without affecting The owner's share or rights as the first founder of the company.

Why Neon?

  1. We are a highly professional and sophisticated team that is eager to help you achieve your dream. 
  2. We provide you with very accurate services based on knowledge while keeping up with global developments. 
  3. We walk side by side with you on a long-term elevation journey and are happy to see your dream take the place it deserves in the world. 
  4. We work on making our services integrated through offering different marketing specializations to free you up to focus on other important aspects. 
  5. We light the way for small and medium companies to prove their visions to the world and share the journey with big enterprises helping them achieve their future and dreams.